Billionaire Was Shot To Death !!!


One Night, A billionaire was shot in the forehead at his home. Immediately, The detective from the police department of kano arrived. He spoke to the 3 Billionaires Sons, Abdulk, Holyguy and Aekay, who were at home.

  • Abdulk said that night I, Dad, and Holyguy had been at an official reception. They arrived home and entered the living room: Their Dad came in, and then Holyguy and Abdulk. When their Dad came up to the stairs, Aekay entered the living room and shot their Dad.
  • Holyguy confirmed Abdulk’s Informations.
  • Aekay said he had visited his friends that night. By the time he arrived home, His Dad was already dead.

Finally, The detective understood that the Billionaire Was Shot To Death and the 3 sons are the suspects. How did the detective resolve the case? and who was the killer?

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