Who Is The Killer ? Answer & Win[Riddle] NGN 300


Brain Crackers come forward, Who Is The Killer ?. Answer the riddle correctly and win NGN 300. Comment your answer and wait for review, which might take few minutes. The Event occurs as follows;

4 friends regularly visited the sauna together. They always brought something with them. Holyguy, a musician, took an iPod with him to listen to music. Aekay, a banker, took a thermos to drink out of. And AbdulK and Ibrahim were Engineers and took a bag containing documents and other reading materials.

One day, Ibrahim was found dead. He was killed by a sharp object. Policemen came immediately and conducted an investigation. They found nothing as an evidence. Who Is The Killer ?

How could this have happened?

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  1. Ilyas Muhammad Abdullahi says

    Abdulk is the killer. Because they engineers their job are the same.

  2. Abdulrahim abdulsalam says

    Ibrahim was killed by Aekay who brought an ice shard in his thermos. The murder weapon had melted away by the time the cops arrived.

    1. CEO 24hours TopNet says

      Drop Your phone number

      1. Abdulrahim Abdulsalam says

        MTN, Nigeria.

  3. Grace says

    Aekay is the killer

    1. CEO 24hours TopNet says

      Already answered. Checkout for new post

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