Alhaji Iro was found dead in his bedroom. Who did it ?


One morning, Alhaji Iro was found dead in his bedroom. The door was locked and also the room didn’t have any window. Unfortunately, there were only four(4) people in the house and they all have the key 🔑 . Police arrived and performed there investigations as follows;

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AbdulK the cleaner: “Immediately when I heard the scream, I Quickly ran into the room, turned on the light and saw Alhaji Iro with a knife in his neck.”

Iceking the cook : “I was sleeping and I didn’t know anything.”

Holyguy the driver: “I came to wake up Alhaji Iro; when I saw him dead, I screamed!”

Aekay the governess: “I rushed up alongside Abdulk; when he turned on the light, the room was all bloody.”

Who did it ? With Reason

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  1. Al-mustapha Marmara says

    Alhaji Iro killed himself since the door was locked and the room did not have any window which can serve as an entrance.

    1. Mustapha says

      Alhaji iro was killed by aekay, because he said he rushed alongside abdulk, and abdulk said he ran into the room which means the room was already open and when he entered the room he saw a knife on Alhaji iro’s neck, that shows Alhaji iro was still alive when he got to the room. Aekay killed Alhaji iro and threatened abdulk to kill him too if he tell anyone. And if you look at the picture you can see that the are both looking at opposite direction not like the rest of the two which shows they’re hiding something.

  2. 09021219020 Airtel says

    Its the Holy guy driver, how could he have seen that he was dead, when everywhere was dark?

    1. Aminu says

      Holyguy killed alhaji iro

    2. CEO 24hours TopNet says

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  3. Abdulraheem sekoni says

    I believe its iceking the cook killed alhaji iro, because among all is the only one who have access to knife and probably with forensic, the knife might be from the kitchen. And when others were rushing to alhaji iro abode, he was sleeping.

    1. Muhammad Nuru says

      Exactly iceking is the real killer

  4. Muhammad Nuru says


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